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Yves Saint Laurent Logo Blanket
Yves Saint Laurent Duvet Bedding Set
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Yves Saint Laurent Logo Blanket

  • Material: Modal, Poly Cotton
  • Technics: Printed  
  • Style: Designer 
  • Pattern: Yves Saint Laurent Insp
  • Size: X-Large (150 x 200) – XX-L (200*230 cm)
  • Type: Throw Blanket
  • Model Number: Yves Saint Laurent Logo Blanket

XL: Size : 150*200 cm   

XXL: Size : 200*230 cm  

How To Wash This Yves Saint Laurent Logo Blanket:

The safest way to clean your throw blankets is to follow any care instructions included on the tag. If your blanket doesn’t have a tag, or the tag doesn’t include care instructions, try this:

  1. Wash your blanket alone.
  2. Select a short, delicate cycle along with cold water.
  3. Use a small amount of normal liquid detergent in the wash cycle. (If you use too much detergent, it’s unlikely that your washer will be able to rinse it all out of the blanket. You can always run an extra rinse cycle to be safe, if your washer has that option.)
  4. Don’t use fabric softener. Many delicate and synthetic fibers aren’t meant to be used with fabric softeners, and it may actually make the blanket less soft over time.

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Yves Saint Laurent Logo Blanket
Yves Saint Laurent Logo Blanket
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Yves Saint Laurent Logo Blanket



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