Top 10 2017 Winter Fashion

Best Top 10 Winter Fashions 2017

   Best Top 10 Winter Fashions for 2017         Let’s not waste any time and get to talkin fashion! Winter is approaching fast so let’s get right to it! Let’s face it ladies, we all look at what people are wearing for the winter season when we’re out and about. Some don’t like the cold weather but there are others that love the cold weather just so they can bus out the warm coats, boots and sweaters, not to mention the scarfs. Oh! And don’t forget the starbucks coffee to keep your hands warm (it also makes the outfit look good and cozy). I will show you the Best Top 10 Winter Fashions for 2017 .

         Now before we get started i want to give you a few style tips….. Sooooo you have a favorite coat that you love to wear? That’s great! you can give it another look by adding a belt around the waste of your coat. It will give you another look with your favorite coat and it will also slim your waste down, Yay! You also really like a pair of ripped jeans that fit you great and you still want to wear them but the rips in the jeans will keep you cold? solution the the ripped jeans solution is to wear some leggings under your jeans. 

Let’s get Started!


Top 10 2017 Winter Fashion

  Best Top 10 Winter Fashions 2017 

1.  This look is “The Preppy Winter look”.  Turtle neck or O neck long sleeve tee’s are all the rage this year because of it’s versatility. You can pair this Tee with jeans, leggings, long skirts or even sweats! Yes! I said Sweats! (We’ll get to that later). Puff sleeveless vests are a great way to keep warm. Even though they are sleeveless, puff jackets (sleeves or not) are well insulated and warm and paired with the long sleeve tee it’s perfect. darker jeans will keep you warmer and look great with this preppy look. Remember, if you just HAVE to wear the ripped jeans pair them with the leggings. Calf boots are all the rage this year with so many looks. You better get a couple of pairs! Last but not least? The accessories, also known as the snow beanie & the long scarf. The snow beanie with keep your head warm and you don’t have to worry about the good ol” bad hair day (my favorite). Beige is the top color this year for snow beanies (beige goes with any color). The scarf is a must have and a must have for your outfit and to keep you extra warm. Since winter gloves don’t make it in this look, don’t forget the Starbucks coffee to keep your hands warm!

Pea Coat 2. Pea coats are definitely in this winter. This is a perfect look in the blistering snow weather. Pair the pea coat with thick leggings. Underneath the pea coat you can wear a long sleeve turtleneck Tee with a winter warm thick scarf. If your pea coat doesn’t have a hood you can wear a matching beanie that goes with the pea coat but ideally to make the complete       look make sure the pea coat comes with a hood. To keep those toes warm pair this outfit with some calf high socks and scrunch them down to the top of your fashion ankle boots.  You can definitely wear some warm black gloves to make this outfit pop and keep your hands warm.  

Top 10 winter fashions3.  Now who said you can’t look like a fashionista with sweats?  Skinny sweat pants are always in and you don’t have to hang around the house in them. That’s Right! You heard right! Be daring and pair your skinny sweats with a leather (or pleather) jacket. a fitted long sleeve sweatshirt unde the leather (or pleather) jacket looks great! A nice pair of white tennis shoes only please! don’t get too daring and try your favorite boots with this fashion ans amble! This look is great if you have a lot going on that day and need to be comfortable (holiday shopping for starters). Be daring and look great at the same time! whoooo Hoooo!

Top 10 Fashions for 1017 4.  Oversized sweaters are always a trendy look. Oversized sweaters are very warm and cozy. Add a long sleeve turtle neck tee or a long fitted long sleeve turtleneck sweater (for more warmth) under your oversized sweater. Add thick leggings to your winter outfit. you can either wear scrunched socks or without to keep the sheek and classy look. Pair this look with a pair of black boots with a 2 inch heel or wear high heel black boots for a more dressy look. You can wear a pair of black gloves to keep your hands toasty warm. You can also accessorize with a scrunch beanie for a trendy look. This look would be great for a holiday family get together. 

Top 10 Winter fashion for 20175.  this is a dressier look and would look great at a holiday family function.  An army green color jacket is one of the biggest styles this year. After all, we are rooting for our military, right? What color goes great with army green? Of course Beige & Grey! wear a long sleeve burgundy turtle neck Tee under the jacket (burgundy goes great with army green and beige). To keep the neck even warmer, layer it with a thick knitted scarf (knitted scarfs are big this winter). The black leggings will keep you warm and fit the outfit. To keep your feet nice and toasty and to keep up with this look wear a pair of over the knee socks. And finally to complete this outfit, grab yourself a pair of calf boots (if you don’t already own a pair).

Top 10 winter fashions for 2017 6.  Winter patterned sweaters are a biggie this winter. Accessorize with a thick warm scarf and a fedora hat. The thick hoop earrings give this fashion look a pop. Notice the ripped jeans with the leggings underneath? Yup! Great look this winter. Keep warm with a pair of insulated slipper boots. This is a great look that is casual but trendy. 

Top 10 Fashions for 20177.   This look is for the dressier occasions. I love the trench coat look! This look is paired with a v neck long sleeve Tee. A long Burberry look scarf  brings this look to a high end fashion. You can either wear a tight above the knee skirt or you can where a pair of nice black leggings (they both would pair nicely). and a pair of high heel boots to match. This would be great for the holiday family gatherings or a holiday company party. 

Top 10 Fashion of 20178.  This fashion outfit is for the less colder days but non the less for winter. A bulky over sized pail pink sweater with white jeans (or white leggings). Pair this outfit with thigh high heel boots or go comfy and wear flat thigh high boots. To make this winter outfit complete accessorize with a white purse. No doubt you will turn heads with this gorgeous trendy ansamble. 

Top 10 Fashions for 20179.  Let’s start by wearing a warm Long sleeve Long turtleneck sweater. Light pleather jackets are the newest fashion craze with a faux fur vest (sleeveless) over coat to put over the light weight pleather. You can also where a light weight pleather jacket with a built in faux fur vest. Either way, that will add extra warmth while looking great! Don’t forget to keep your head warm with a pom pom snow beanie. To match the pleather jacket wear either pleather leather pants or shiny stretch pants. Shiny boots add a big flair to this fashion outfit (with or without socks to match). Last but not least, to top this outfit perfectly don’t forget the boho purse. This look is comfy but stylish!